Project Flightless: Beak the Penguin Spreads his Wings with the Dolson Family

As many of you have noticed, APCAFB has taken a rather long break from posting about penguin related stories and adventures.  Don’t think it’s because we have been neglecting our aquatically flightless friends! In fact, it’s been quite the opposite.  We here at APCAFB have been traveling around the globe, from North American penguin-rich cities to penguin-dense Africa, to the penguin-filled busy streets in Asia to the cold and penguin-heavy Antarctica. We have been everywhere, and Project Flightless has been doing it’s duty and, as promised, have been helping millions of penguins across the globe not only experience flight for the first time, but also undertake breathtakingly exciting and thrilling adventures!

So, you ask, what exactly have we been doing?  I’ll answer that with a rather impressive story about Beak the Penguin, who lives with his humans in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.   Beak, a young and ambitious emperor penguin, became involved with the Project Flightless Program only a short time ago, and says his main mission was to meet new people, live the human life, and fly for the first time.  Needless to say, Beak was not disappointed.


Enter Jim Dolson, an adventurous northerner who also happens to be the pilot of a small plane, and when Jim learned that Beak was looking for a human family, he naturally jumped at the opportunity. “I love having Beak here, I bring him out every time I take out the plane,” Jim said proudly, “We both just love it.” Jim became involved in Project Flightless while working with the Independent Association for Travelling Penguins (IATP), and met beak at an Anti-Penguin Eating Rally in DC in early Summer 2015.  The two instantly clicked, and it wasn’t long before Jim took Beak in as his adoptive Penguin.

20150806_185957 20150806_185518

Beak and Jim have already planned dozens of flying excursions for the coming Summer, and are very excited for their upcoming adventures.

“Beaky is like family now, even our dogs have warmed up to him,” Jim smiled as he reminisced about Beak’s first month in their home. “The dogs didn’t quite know what to think, but they’re all great friends now, and no one’s tried to eat anyone in months.”


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