Penguins Celebrate 22nd Valentine’s Day Together, and It’s as Romantic as You’d Think.

With another Valentine’s Day coming to a close, us hopeless romantics at APCAFB can’t help but report on this adorable aquatically flightless love story.

In 2016, love is not what it used to be. With the divorce rate continuing to rise and heartbreak sweeping across human and penguin populations alike, sometimes it’s difficult to imagine a pair of lovebirds who are in it for the long haul. Enter Kohl and Zelda Flapperton, two African Blackfoot Penguins who this weekend celebrated their 22nd Valentines Day together.

Kohl and Zelda, who have 17 penguin children, live together at the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans, and say they owe their successful marriage to a solid foundation of trust, loyalty, honesty, and communication that they have worked very hard to build over the last two decades.

“Also, making sure we get lots of ‘alone time.'” a coy Zelda added.


Kohl and Zelda enjoyed a small bottle of champagne, along with a a bacon wrapped scallop appetizer and a krill main for their Valentine’s dinner, a meal provided by the Audubon Aquarium in celebration of their happy and healthy marriage.


“It hasn’t been a crab cake walk the whole time, there have been struggles,” Kohl said, “but no matter what, we have always supported each other and will be together through thick and thin. That’s love.”


Happy Anniversary to Kohl and Zelda!


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