Feeding Your Penguin: Five Recipes that will Knock their Flippers off!


Penguins tend to eat fish, krill, squid and other forms of aquatic life that they find while swimming in the ocean, but since your penguin may not live near a large body of water, it’s your job to help him or her find the appropriate food sources.  The easiest way to ensure your penguin is getting the proper nutrients everyday, is to purchase different forms of seafood at your local market or grocery store and prepare the food in your home.  Now you may be asking, don’t penguins just eat their food raw? Doesn’t that mean that I don’t have to prepare anything? To answer your question, yes, for the most part, penguins eat their food raw, but this is because penguins generally do not have a stove or oven to cook on or the necessary ingredients to prepare tasty dishes, not because they prefer their food tasteless and raw.  If you really want to please your penguin, try one of these five amazing recipes that are sure to get your penguins flippers flapping.

Crab Cakes


Crab cakes are a quick and easy meal that your penguin is sure to enjoy. All you need is crab, Worcestershire sauce, Old Bay Seasoning, Mayo, bread crumbs, spices and eggs.  Mix all the ingredients together and form the mixture into six large patties.  Pan fry the patties in vegetable oil for 4 to 5 minutes per side and until the cakes are cooked through.  Serve hot. You can find the full recipe here.

Prosciutto Wrapped Scallops










Penguins aren’t truly picky about they types of seafood you feed them, but they do enjoy variety in their meals.  Scallops aren’t something that they are able to access regularly, but what’s even more rare is any form of bacon, since it’s quite unlikely that you will find a pig floating around in the ocean, or a plate of bacon for that matter.  For this recipe, all you will need is prosciutto, scallops, oil, lemons and pepper.  They are easy to throw together and you can cook them in about six minutes.  Find the full recipe here.

Penguin Sized Tuna Melts


Most penguins are very tiny, so they enjoy eating tiny things as they enjoy the irony.  Tiny tuna melts are perfect for the tiniest of penguins, as they get to enjoy small bite-sized tuna and cheese topped crackers rather than large emperor-penguin sized tuna melts.  Full grown emperor penguins may feel these tiny melts are too small for them, so in that case please make them a full-sized tuna melt, rather than mini ones.  Your penguin will also likely enjoy the fact that they can eat tuna, as in the ocean tunas are quite large and could probably swallow a penguin in one gulp.  For this recipe you will need tiny crackers, mayo, tuna, cheese, pepper and lemons.  You can find the full recipe here.









Your penguin LOVES squid, but they eat it all the time, so why not surprise your penguin with an extra special squid recipe to brighten their day and excite their taste buds.  This recipe is a teensy bit more labour intensive than the others, but in the end it’s worth in and you will come out with a protein packed, super tasty meal that your penguin is going to love.  For this recipe you will need calamari (tubes AND tentacles), olive oil, salt, parsley, garlic, onion, roasted red peppers and lemon.  Find the full recipe here.

Party Squid


Their ain’t no party like a penguin party, especially if there are copious amounts of party squid to go with it. This dish, along with the harissa mayo for dipping, is the ULTIMATE penguin pleaser. For this recipe you will need pepper, lemons, oregano, fennel seeds, flour, oil, parsley and squid. The harissa mayo is made with mayo, harissa paste, garlic and water. You will not regret making this super fun and exciting party recipe, which is sure so send your penguins into a flapping frenzie! You can find the full recipe here.

So get in that kitchen and start cooking! A penguins nutrition is VERY important, and they need to eat to stay strong.  Penguins are also known for getting hangry (i.e., angry when they are hungry), so it’s in your best interest to feed them often and on time.



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