Taking the Plunge: Penguin Conquers Fear and Wins our Hearts

UK Penguin conquers fear of water after series of swimming lessons.


Source: The Penguin Express, UK

GLOS, United Kingdom – Penguins spend about half their lives in water; they have flippers rather than wings, and they are thought to be relatively strong swimmers.  Most penguins rather enjoy the water, and spend copious amounts of their time swirling and whirling through the sea.  That’s not the case for Charlotte the Penguin, who lives with her humans in Birdland, a bird sanctuary in Bourton-on-the-Water, Glos, UK.  According to one of the keepers at the sanctuary, since she was a baby chick she has been reluctant to get in the water, and breaks into a frantic flapping panic everytime they try to encourage her to dive in.


Alistair Keen, Charlotte’s favourite human, took a special interest in the case and began giving her swimming lessons to try to help her deal with her fears.  The lessons paid off and Charlotte finally took the plunge into the water.

“When I started with her swimming lessons I had to put her in the water myself,” Alistair said. “But after a little encouragement she can now jump in herself and swim quite happily.”

According to Alistair, Charlotte just needed to get over her initial fear of putting her head under the water, and now you can’t keep her out of it.

A big congratulations to Charlotte on being such a brave little penguin!



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