Project Flightless: What We Do

Project Flightless is a APCAFB funded program designed to help penguins see the world, experience new things, and undertake new adventures.  Project Flightless is all about helping penguins figuratively spread their wings and support them while they embark on new adventures all around the globe. Project Flightless began as a simple effort to help a few lucky penguins experience flying for the first time.  APCAFB organized for Pete and Penny the penguins, native to Seaworld where they live with their humans, to be brought on to two Delta Airline flights, one from San Antonio to Atlanta and the other from Atlanta to New York.


Since this adventure in 2012, APCAFB together with the Independent Association for Travelling Penguins (IATP) has helped hundreds of penguins and their human companions experience everything from flying, hiking and mountain climbing, kayaking and boating, and many other fun adventures that most penguins would never think they could experience!  Not only has this program allowed penguins to experience the world at its fullest, but it has helped build strong and long lasting penguin-human friendships.

If you are interested in getting involved with Project Flightless, you may contact the IATP and fill out a penguin adoption form here. And remember, we always want to know what you are doing with your penguin! So please send us your stories, selfies and videos of your adventures at



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