Penguin Facts: What you need to know


Twenty Surprising Facts You May Not Have Known about Penguins.

Source: Penguin Facts, The Penguin Journal, The Globe and Penguin

NEW YORK, New York, USA – We have all come to love our penguins, but they still remain surprisingly mysterious creatures, mostly because they are so private.  But with so many penguins working their way into our cities and homes, it’s important that we know these important facts about them so that we can maintain friendly and healthy relationships with our new flightless aquatic friends.

  1. Penguins are great rappers.
  2. Penguins will never talk bad about you. Not because they only speak penguin, but because they respect the choices you make.
  3. Penguins have knees. You just can’t see them.
  4. In the year 2014, approximately 0 people died from penguin attacks.
  5. Much like bananas, penguins cannot fly.
  6. Penguins follow their own schedules. Never tell a penguin what to do.
  7. If you throw a penguin up in the air he will come back down right away because it loves you so much.
  8. Ketchup is not made of penguins.
  9. Penguins don’t pay taxes.
  10. Penguins have poor vision when their eyes are closed.
  11. Penguins are not trampolines. If you jump off the roof onto your penguin you won’t bounce, you will cause internal bleeding.
  12. You can be yourself around penguins. Penguins won’t judge you.
  13. Recent studies have shown that it is impossible for penguins to give birth to baby koalas.
  14. Penguins can’t climb trees.
  15. Penguins don’t know Santa Clause as they do not frequent the North Pole.
  16. You won’t find a penguin at the opera. The sound bothers them.
  17. Contrary to popular belief, penguins never have bad hair days.
  18. Penguins cannot bark. They also refuse to speak English.
  19. In the past decade, there have been no recorded penguin crimes.
  20. Aliens and penguins have never been seen together.

We hope this helps you on your journey to better understanding your penguin!  Please refer to The Penguin Guide for all the Do’s and Don’ts when properly caring for your penguin.



2 responses to “Penguin Facts: What you need to know

  1. I had heard that Canadian Penguins receive diplomatic immunity with respect to any legal proceedings against them. I also heard that Greenland officials are holding 3 canadian penguins against there will, and refusing to release them or honor the diplomatic Immunity status of the penguins. Can you provide more info on this ?


    • Thank you for your inquiry Colin! Unfortunately yes, The Greenland government is currently holding three Canadian Citizen Penguins against their will for reasons that are not clear, but have some relation to a law involving the illegal flight of flightless birds. Apparently, there are still countries who do not believe penguins should be given the same opportunities as us, and further, they do not allow penguins to fly on planes as they believe penguins should remain flightless. Of course the penguins did not know this when they entered the country via Delta Airlines, and were arrested upon their arrival. APCAFB has been working tirelessly with our sister association, The People for the Equal Rights and Ethical Treatment of Immigrating Penguins (PERETIP) to resolve this situation. We will update you once we have further details.


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